rika_ KoIzumi
It will record about my dai[ly life.. Such as sometimes i will mention about some sightseeing stuffs when i am overseas.. :)


こんいちわ! My name is koizumi rika.
I am a japanese but a mixed blood of chinese. My mum is a Chinese so I know how to speak but some of my pronunciation sounds funny.. :) my hometown is Hokkaido,otaru. And I am currently staying in singapore for education. It's been a while since I went back to otaru. I missssed the food,scenery,friends.... Maybe I will asked dad
about when we can go back there and stay... Heheh...

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A new friend, perhaps
I am back again! ar.. I tried to reply (イライザ☆) comment but i just can't.. すみません。 あの。。。So i thought of leaving a message by writing a post. :)

To:Underlined text />イライザ☆

はい,ありがとう!英語がんばってね!I am surprised upon receiving a comment by you. はい。I am currently living in singapore to receive an education. I tried to find for your profile but can't find or link back to you. please reply back once you had saw my post. じゃね! And may i ask..are you a japanese?
start of my blog.
I am starting this diary because i want to practice my english writing skills.. my先生told me about this to improve my english. So thiis blog will be purely written in english only. (not japanese.) My self introduction?...

I am Rika Koizuimi from hokkaido,otaru. I am curently living in singapore upon receiving education at here. And yes i am a mixed blood of japanese and chinese that had been living in singapore since 14 years old.. It been a long time since i were back at home and i missed 祖母!!! And also the food that were cooked by her.

Oh yes!! This blog will be about my school life, interests and also some sightseeings things when i was travelling + food.